Carpet Cleaning: Should You Hire A Pro or Do It Yourself?

When it comes to carpet cleaning tips, the most important is knowing how often to do the work. Every carpet, no matter the type, what kind of fibers, the backing material, regardless of color or pattern, must get a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Many carpet manufacturers will even stipulate as such in the language of the warranties they provide to customers who purchase their products. Failing to do so may void your warranty and it will most certainly affect the look and feel of your carpeting material.

The reason that it’s so critical to get your carpets professionally deep cleaned from a company like Chem-Dry of Charleston is because this helps to keep your carpet material fresh, rejuvenated, and healthy. A dirty, neglected carpet collects dirt, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants that you can’t eliminate with just vacuuming and an occasional cleaning every 5 years. The longer you allow your carpet to collect dirt and grime, the worse off you are when trying to get the material clean, lift stains, and keep your fibers looking their best.

So now that you know how essential deep professional carpet cleaning is for preserving the life span of your carpet, the next thing you need to decide is whether you should hire a professional company or do the job all on your own.

Hiring A Professional Cleaner

Most homeowners will go this route because the pros simply know how to clean a carpet much better than they do. The pros have big, expensive equipment that is designed for deep cleaning carpets with steam. They are far more powerful and effective than the steam machines you can rent from a supermarket or your local home center.

The technicians who arrive at your home are trained to use this special equipment and the companies for whom they work guarantee the job is done right or they will make it so. Depending on the amount of carpeting that you have installed, the extent of the work can be pretty big and that’s probably a task you are going to want someone else to be doing instead of you.

Of course, if you are hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do the work you are going to have to pay to have it done. How much? That’s something you are going to figure out as you shop around for quotes from multiple providers. But as you do that search, be careful about whom you plan to ultimately hire.

The average cost can run as high as $60 per room but that’s only an approximate ballpark figure that could be higher or lower based on your ow personal situation. Shopping around for a quote is a tightrope act that requires you to weigh costs against quality of service. Do your research into each of your potential candidates, don’t immediately jump at the lowest quote and read reviews from previous clientele.

As for the quote you do eventually accept, be sure to confirm that it’s the bottom-line cost of the work. Make sure you know what the service entails for the price you pay, inquire about any additional hidden fees or costs for services that you might expect them to perform but will cost more in reality. Upcharges may apply for carpets that are stained; you want to know that going in.┬áJust be sure to do your homework before hiring any carpet cleaning company.

The Do-It-Yourself Alternative

The other way to go is cleaning your own carpet. It’s a far cheaper option even when you factor in the cost of the steam cleaner rental fee. You can rent a good machine for about $40 a day and doing the work yourself means you’re not paying out any labor costs to get the job done. But do keep in mind that you need to be very careful that you don’t make any major mistakes that could end up harming the carpet while you are trying to maintain it.

The biggest concern with cleaning your own carpet is that you run the risk of oversaturating it. Moisture is the main component in steam cleaning a carpet and if you don’t know how to use the machine correctly, you could end up soaking the carpet by mistake. That could result in the carpet staying wet for days, which would allow mold and mildew to build up in and under the material.

You also run the risk of missing some areas and failing to do a thorough job. So, consider the extra money you save when compared to the potentially inadequate cleaning your carpet will receive.