10 Amazing Hotel Lobby Furniture Ideas for your Hotel

The lobby of the hotel is the common area where a person initially stops after entering the premises. In general, the visitor tries to make a clear picture in his mind about the quality of services and the level of comfort he can get from the hotel. As a result, the lobby of a hotel must be appropriately decked up with furniture pieces that match with the outlook that it wants to project. Excellent pieces of hotel lobby furniture are available online.

10 awesome ideas of hotel lobby furniture

Here, the ten best ideas for hotel lobby furniture are given. These will help you not only to enhance the interior outlook of your lobby but also to create a particular theme for your hotel.

Keep wooden round table and chairs

You can keep a round wooden table and chair in the lobby as it can add a classic touch. To complement the wooden table and chair, you can make the walls and floors with marble or wood.

Place a large cushioned couch with a wooden tea table

It is a good idea to place a large cushioned couch along with a small wooden tea table in the lobby. It can project a luxurious outlook of your hotel. Make sure you have proper lighting to support the whole furniture setup.

Metal furniture can be unique

Furniture pieces made of metal can be placed in the hotel lobby. It provides a traditional outlook, and people might think that they have visited a place in the Middle East.

Wooden-texture furniture can be good

If you want your hotel lobby to project a jungle-like feeling, you can use the wooden-texture furniture. It would be great if you complement this furniture with a touch of green.

Keep sculptural benches

If you want your lobby to have a postmodern outlook, the sculptural benches can play an important role. These benches are well available in both traditional and online markets. These can also be made in a bespoke manner.

Furniture made of fibre can be great

Fibreglass is available in different colours and textures. If you want your lobby to project a seascape, you can place a table and some chairs that contain blue fibreglass as a part. As a complementing colour, you can use white and grey.

Fully wooden furniture

Apart from the ceiling of your lobby, you can use wooden furniture if your hotel is near to the hills. Wooden tables, chairs along with soft cushions can give a unique outlook to the lobby. You can also make it work with a designer carpet on the floor.

Making a cafe lobby

If you have a large lobby in your hotel, you can use it as a cafe along with a reception area. Small tea tables and chairs can help visitors indulge in sipping tea or coffee or having snacks.

Installing a leather couch and table

A leather couch can ensure a retro outlook to your hotel lobby. You can place it along with a table where visitors can sit and relax for a while. Leather couches remain intact for a long time, and you can consider it as a long term investment.

Beanbags along with existing furniture

Beanbags in the hotel lobby can add a funky outlook. No matter what existing furniture pieces you have in the lobby, bean bags help add a trendy look. Many visitors would choose it to have some leisure time in the lobby.

When buying furniture pieces for your hotel lobby, you must keep in mind that it can be purchased in a bespoke manner. However, make sure that you go for an option that complements the decor and ambience of your hotel.