Why it is Important to Replace a Water Filter on Time

The installation of an excellent water filter in your home can be a crucial step to protecting your home systems against potential contaminants. Installing a water filter can be an excellent move for adding insurance to your water supply. A whole home water filter will not protect you against every contaminant in your drinking water and if you don’t perform regular maintenance and change the cartridges as required, you could be inviting pollutants back into your water supply.

Replacing a filter cartridge can be a crucial aspect of maintenance. Replacing it on time is a crucial step because the contaminants that are being filtered out of your water supply can continue to build up in the filter. As the filters get filled up with these contaminants, the holes in the filter will start to clog up and eventually your system will work much less efficiently. With a full decrease in flow, this can change water pressure in your pipes and give the chance for your water to eventually pass through the filter completely unfiltered.

In order to make sure that you are replacing your water filter on time you need to ensure that you know how to quickly change out your water filter, you will need to determine the right filter cartridge for your system and how often it needs to be changed out. Most of this information is available from the professional that installed your system or in the user’s manual.

Regular water filtration changes can help to regulate the level of contaminants. If you’re starting to notice that your water is taking on an unpleasant taste or it’s been some time since you’ve last replaced your filter, it could be time for you to consider changing over to a new filter for your safety.

This post was written by Kristian D’An, owner and water expert at Eco Water Solutions of Florida. They offer whole home water solutions such as softeners, whole home water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis systems. Their focus is to provide Floridians with safe and clean water throughout the home. Click here for more information!