How To Remove Dents And Flatten Area Rugs

To reduce creasing, most area rugs come rolled up. How can you flatten an area rug with creases or that wants to be rolled up again? Most rugs will eventually flatten on their own. We’ve compiled our top DIY methods to remove creases from an area rug.

These are the Three Best Ways to Flatten Area Rugs

Turn the rug in reverse so that the bent fibers can be laid in the opposite direction.

  • To relax fibers, heat or moisture is used.
  • Apply weight evenly to flatten the rug.

Take out Creases from a Small Rug

You can flatten small rugs by using the mattress’s weight. Place the rug flat on top of your box spring and mattress. You should leave it there for at least one week before you can check the results. This works for stubborn curling and creases. The rug should be left under the mattress for at least a week before you check the result. You can get faster results or stubborn creases by using one of these methods.

How to Flatten Area Rugs that Are Rolled

A rug that has been rolled on a tube can curl at the ends. You will need to “train” the rug to lie in the opposite direction after the fibers have loosened into the shape of the tube.

Rugs become more flexible when heated. Place the rug upside-down in direct sunlight for a few hours. This will speed up the process of relaxing fibers.

How to Flatten a Rug with Curled Corners

For curling corners of a new rug, reverse rolling is a great option. For several days, you can gently fold the corners underneath the rug. You can also gently fold the corners under the rug for several days to prevent a new crease.

How to Remove Rug Creases

Sharp creases on an area rug might require extra effort to get rid of. To release creases, heat and moisture can be very effective. Never use moisture on a natural fibre area rug.

To soften the rug backing, heat is recommended. Turn the rug upside down for a few hours in direct sunlight. To heat the creased areas , flip the rug upside down. Keep the hair dryer at least 6-9 inches from the rug to avoid damage. Fold the rug in the opposite direction. Let it cool down before you lay it flat. This dry-heat method is for natural fiber area rug.

You can use a steamer with an attachment to clean synthetic, wool, and cotton rugs. You can also use a hand-held clothes steamer. Steam the rug’s back, but don’t soak it. Next, gently bend the fibers backwards and allow them to dry.

How do professionals lay area rugs flat?

To quickly remove creases from area rug rugs, Interior Designers and Rug Sellers use professional wrinkle removal spray. You should choose a wrinkle-removing product that is safe for upholstery and curtain fabrics. Spraying the fibers”memory’ allows them to relax easier. Apply the spray liberally to the back of the rug for any creases or curled areas. Let the rug air dry flat. You can then dry the rug flat using one of the above methods: reverse rolling, low heat steaming or weighting.

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