Considerations for choosing new dining chairs

Treating your dining room to a breath of fresh air or long-awaited update shouldn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a complete redecoration project. Sometimes, what’s needed is a new table or a modern set of dining chairs for a fast, easy, and cost-effective way to refresh everything, but before you start exploring the web, there are a number of things you should consider.

A Table

Unless you intend to get both a new table and new chairs at the same time, you will most likely be choosing chairs that does not pair up with your existing table. Luckily for you, mixing and matching your furniture is trending at the moment.

However, you have to make sure that your furniture choices look intentional, and it’s not like you have taken everything from a cheap place at your local household supply store.

Choose a chair that fits your dining table

There are no real fixed rules to how you mix and match your furniture – you can go as wild as you wish – but it would be wise to choose a dining chair that shares the same design elements with your table.

If you have a square table, choose a chair with a square design, and so on. This will make everything seem intentional even if they don’t suit each other.

Don’t forget to consider the size too. If you have a very large table, choose a chair that is larger than usual, so it is not dwarfed.

Comfort level

Just because it’s a dining chair, that doesn’t mean it has to be less comfortable than other chairs you might have in your home.

Think about how much time you spend at the table and how often you are there – are you the type of family that all eats together, or do you tend to eat in various rooms at home? How much time you spend at the table, you still want something comfortable to sit on. Consider the timeless yet modern replica of the Eames Eiffel Chair from

Comfort is the key

Think about chairs with lots of cushioning or springs or choose a chair with arms for an extra comfortable design, allowing you to lean back perfectly and relax after a very large meal.

Although it may prove that much more tough to keep clean (especially if you have small children), choose a chair with a seat made of fabric rather than leather, which can make be squeaky, sticky, annoying and uncomfortable to sit on for a long time.

If you have your heart set on the aesthetics of leather or wooden seating, be sure to indulge in some attractive and thick cushions to give you extra comfort on the seat pad.