How To Choose The Best Electric Gate Openers

Doesn’t matter whether it’s a residential or commercial property, an electric gate opener is an undeniable necessity of our modern lives. Not only does it provide incredible security, but also saves you from the constant trouble of manhandling the main gate. Plus, it eliminates the need of hiring a security guard, especially for commercial setups.

However, the abundance of different types of electric gate openers’ types and models, makes it extremely overwhelming to choose the right electric gate openers. To help you out, we’ve compiled everything you need to know before choosing the best equipment. So, read on!

Determine the Size Requirements

Depending on the main entrance, the size of the gate varies — they can be everything from slender, lightweight to hefty and massive. What you need here is to measure the weight, length, and height of the door to match the specifications of the gate operating equipment. That’s because not every machine can work for all kinds of gates.

Here are a few essential size considerations that must be noted down beforehand:

  • Weight
  • Length of each leaf
  • Height
  • The span (for swinging gates)
  • Angle of opening
  • Do Your Gate Swing or Slide?

Both the sliding and swinging gates, as the names imply, operate differently. Thus, they demand different machines for opening the gates. Although some modern alternatives of gate openers can adjust to the orientation, the majority of the devices are still designed specifically to the aforementioned styles.

A motor with gear wheels rotates to move the sliding door along the track — that’s how most of the electric gate openers work. Swinging doors, on the other hand, are operated with the assistance of mechanical arms.

You may find the following types of motors if your gate swings:

  • Threaded gate shaft motors
  • Articulated gate arm motors
  • Hydraulic rams
  • Underground gate motors
  • Consider the Environmental Factors

Since the devices are going to be placed outdoor, it is absolutely necessary for them to withstand the fluctuating extreme weather. More essentially, if you live in an area with a harsh climate, you should be extra careful with what you are choosing, Remember not all of these devices are built for all types of weather conditions.

Consider the environmental factors such as temperature, fog, humidity, rain, hail, and others to make sure that your equipment needs minimum repairs annually.

Safety Comes first

Gates should know when to stop. Or they will harm people or objects otherwise. Look for devices that come with built-in IR detectors to sense obstacles in their path. By detecting anything in the way, they should stop and reverse themselves to return to their original position, avoiding accidental contacts — not to mention, they should also come with a metal detector to know if there’s a car in the proximity.

How Much Do They Cost?

If you seek a commercial unit, prepare yourself for some serious investment. That’s they come with an exorbitant price — a few thousand bucks — that will leave you broke. Residential units, on the opposite, are relatively cheaper and a good unit can be bought under a grand.