How to Fix a Garage Door That Gets Stuck Halfway

Are you wondering what to do with a garage door that doesn’t close all the way? Well, that’s a common problem with most doors. While sometimes you may need the help of a professional to fix such issues, the solution could just be a few steps away.

A door that gets stuck halfway is very risky, and, therefore, it should be fixed right away. You may hire a professional to fix the problem, but the DIY way is the cheaper option. Why spend money on repair while it’s something you can handle on your own.

So, how do you know about it?

Here’s what to do if your garage door gets stuck halfway.

Diagnose The Problem 

Before you even think of starting your repair, make sure you diagnose the problem. Usually, the issue could be the door or the opener. The best way to do this is by checking the door in its fully closed position. From here, disengage the opener trolly from the door; you do this by pulling the emergency release cord. Now, try lifting the door with your hand to see if it will open smoothly. If it does, the problem could be the opener. However, if it still doesn’t open fully, the garage door could be the problem.

Changes In Weather

Sometimes the changes in the door of your vehicle storage may happen at the same time with weather changes. In this case, you may have to adjust the pressure on the door opener. That may just solve the problem. However, such adjustments can be very risky, and, therefore, they should be done by a professional. Usually, some openers have force-adjustment mechanisms that may result in the falling of the door if not handled properly. So, don’t risk. Let an expert do the job.

Broken Springs And Pulleys 

Springs and pulleys play an important role in the opening and closing of a garage door. Simply put, the springs and pulleys support the largest portion of the door weight. Therefore, the garage door may not open or close completely simply because a single spring is broken. Usually, a broken spring will make it so difficult for you to lift the door. So, check out the springs and find out if one is broken. In case there’s a need for repair, let an expert do it.


Check out the garage door rollers, hinges, and other hardware for any damages. Sometimes, lubrication could be the solution to the problem. So, if you notice the springs and the pulleys are just fine, consider lubricating the tracks. Just lift the door slowly and identify the areas where it’s getting stuck. From here, you can use oil or silicone spray to iron the rough parts.

Professional Help  

If you aren’t able to identify the problem, seek the help of an expert. It could be something that needs to be taken care of by an expert. Since that’s their area of expertise, they’ll help you to identify the problem and possibly fix it at an affordable price. So, don’t feel stuck. Seek professional help.

With these tips, you don’t have to panic if your door isn’t opening all the way. The solution is a few steps away. Now that you can fix the issue with your garage door, check out these reclining chairs.