Top Landscaping Tips And Tricks

At the start of spring our yards are in need of some tender loving care.  The harsh winters have taken their toll on the grass, trees and bushes we had in our yards.  Flowerbeds that once bloomed are now empty coffins of dirt with no life springing from them.  Taking on a project like this can seem like an astronomical chore.  However, if you want to bring your yard back to its former glory, consider hiring a professional landscaping service to take your yard and bring it back to its formal glory.

Grass Seed

The foundation of any lawn is grass. The grass will cover the majority of your yard and serve as a backdrop to everything else you plant. When planting grass, take into consideration where you will be planting your bushes, flowers and other plant life. Throwing down grass seed is going to be your cheapest or most inexpensive way to get your yard started. For smaller yards however, consider getting sod.


The next focal point of your yard should be bushes and trees. These are typically the largest items that you will have in the yard. With bushes you can easily create barriers along the properties edge. These bushes will eventually grow larger creating a natural privacy barrier. Trees are also great things to put in your yard. Having a large tree in the middle of the yard or in strategic areas can create great areas for shade as well as a centerpiece for flowers and other elements. However, keep them away from the house and the foundation. Also, determine how large these trees will eventually grow and the maintenance needed from falling leaves.


Flowers will add a splash of color to your yards. Consider planting them around your trees, in designated flower beds and around your bushes. Flowers will also serve as a great visual for your yard. Focus on planting them in areas that you will see from your chosen vantage point in the house.


Stones are great pieces to put in the yard. Small stone walls, circular accents around trees and even a stone walkway will add a visual and functional piece to your yard. For stone walkways you can have small bushes or even flower beds as an outline. White crushed stone adds a great accent piece to the yard as well.

Water Elements

Water elements are great as well. Throwing in a bird bath, a coy pond or a small manmade lake would be cool. When adding water elements though make sure that they are safe and well defined. You don’t want to have an accident where someone falls in.

Finishing touches

After completing your landscaping job take a step back and take a look around. Examine everything and see what finishing touches you can add. Every landscaping job will be different and even every year you can make changes, improvements and tweaks. The power of landscaping is that it is a living, breathing project that you can adapt as time passes. Have fun with your yard, it should be your pride and joy.