Unwritten home buying rules

There is plenty to think about when purchasing a new home, and the process can be extremely overwhelming. There are several unwritten rules to bear in mind when becoming involved in house buying, and the right etiquette should be observed at all times.

It’s fine to say why you don’t like a particular property

You will undoubtedly visit houses that are simply not suitable for a variety of reasons. The location may not be ideal, or there may be too much work required to make the house a home. Regardless of the reason, it’s perfectly fine to tell the estate agent why you do not like it. The agent will require feedback, and often these constructive points can be advantageous. If the same points are raised, this may help the seller rectify a particular problematic aspect of the house.

Never pretend you are buying a house if you aren’t as this can be frustrating and a waste of time for the seller and the agent. Everyone enjoys browsing, but it’s not acceptable to simply “have a look” at homes as it plays with the homeowners’ expectations. It also means you will be taking up a valuable appointment slot.

When you have your appointment booked, make sure you follow through with it as the homeowner will have gone the extra mile by cleaning and making sure the house is warm and inviting. Not turning up is rude, and it also dashes their hopes of a sale. If you change your mind, give the agent plenty of notice. According to USA Today, staging is important when it comes to selling a home, with the photographs in particular requiring special attention.

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It’s important to check your budget

If you are buying, don’t assume your budget is correct as lenders may be apprehensive or they can change their minds. Always seek up-to-date advice and get a solid figure before committing to anything.

Make an offer that is realistic. Research similar houses that have sold recently and compare these against your offer. Don’t be too bold as this is a move that can backfire, especially when there is sizeable interest in the property.