Winter Care Pool Tips

The swimming season might be over but your responsibilities don’t and this is the season wraps up. In order to keep your pool looking its best, you’ll need to consider proper maintenance even throughout a colder temperature. Here are some top tips that can be used for your winter care and maintenance:

Respect Your Winter Maintenance

Winterizing your pool is an excellent option because it can ensure that your equipment won’t be damaged, that you can keep your pool water safe and clean, and that your system can be prevented from freezing.

Dry Out Your Pool Cover

When you tightly cover your pool with a pool cover make sure that it’s properly dried throughout the year. Once the water has a tendency to collect at the top of the pool there’s a chance that it can continue to seep into the pool throughout the whole season. As you begin to easily invite dirt and debris into your pool you can also continue to attract smaller animals.

Midwinter Algaecide

Midwinter algaecide can be important to keep a chemical balance in your pool. Algaecide for the midwinter will also make sure that you can prevent algae from growing over time. When springtime arrives you can make sure that your pool will be free of green pool waste.

Reduce Your Water Level

Water evaporates after the colder months freezing water can cause cracks in your tiles and problems with the liner in your pool. Don’t drain your pool out entirely to ensure that the water sits below the first tiles in your pool.

Store Your Pool Accessories Away

Pool accessories can break down over the winter months so don’t leave them lying inside the pool where they can get damaged with heavy chemicals or freezing conditions. Store them away in a cool and dry place.

Check Your Pool Over Regular Intervals

Check the water level at least once a month and consider checking in on your pool at least once every two weeks to make sure that water has not fallen inside.

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