3 Reasons Why Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Work

There are no decorating rules that say all semi-custom cabinets must be the same color. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are becoming very popular as you can see from Pinterest. This trend is not only beautiful, but there are many other reasons it is hot right now.

1. Make a focal point

Two-tone kitchen cabinets can be used to create a focal point for your kitchen. You might want it to be the island at the center of the room or a stunning AGA range. Either way, a different cabinet color around the element is smart.

It can make the kitchen island feel more like a single piece of furniture. This is another popular trend in kitchen design.

2. Trick the eyes

Optically illusions can be created by using two-tone kitchen cabinets. You can visually lower a high ceiling in your kitchen by using darker cabinets.

You might also see darker cabinets on the lower cabinets. This is often done to “lift” your ceiling. Older homes have smaller kitchens, so putting semi-custom cabinets up higher makes the space feel larger and more open. Open shelving is a popular choice over upper cabinets. However, open shelving can create clutter and other problems.

(As a mother may I also mention that darker cabinets lower down will show dirt less likely to be found)

3. Modernize your kitchen

Modernizing a traditional kitchen can be done with two-tone kitchen cabinets. This is a departure from the “old school”, all-cabinets match approach to kitchen decorating. If your house is older, you might feel locked in to a particular floor plan or style. However, there are many options available for updating your kitchen.

They can also break up monotony in a kitchen that has the same colour or shade of cabinets. Even an all-white kitchen can seem overwhelming. The combination of white and darker colors below can soften the space, break up monotony and give the kitchen a fresh and appealing appearance.

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