What you Need to Consider Before Starting an Attic Conversion

Converting your attic into a living space doesn’t just provide you with more room, but also increases your home’s value. In fact, statistics indicate that the market value of a home can increase by 20% after an attic conversion. While this sounds good, you cannot just start without considering some important factors. What are the things that every homeowner should consider before they convert their attic into a useful living space? This guide to converting an attic will tell you everything:

  • The foundation’s strength

Attic conversion is not just about adding more space to your home; it means adding extra weight and it is vital to ensure that your home’s foundation is strong enough to handle it. The foundations have to be exposed for checking their strength and depth. You can also get a contractor to check this for you.

  • Head height

You should also ensure that your attic is high enough to support a conversion. Some attics are just not that tall and if they don’t meet building requirements in terms of head height, you will not be able to do a conversion.

  • Building regulations

Since it is a minor home improvement, you don’t really need approval for attic conversion, but it is best to get it in order to avoid problems.

  • Fire safety

You have to consider the safety implications of making changes to your home, particularly fire safety. This can depend on your home, whether it is a bungalow or two-storey building, because the requirements will vary.

  • Insulation

The new attic is also going to need insulation to ensure it is comfortable for living. Not only do you need heat insulation, but soundproofing for the floor may also be required to avoid any inconvenience for people below. Insulating the walls against noise and heat loss is also a good idea.