What should I look for in a good moving and packing service?

Hiring a moving company can be an essential step towards transitioning into your new home. Making things easier on you and the movers is the goal of this article. We hope the tips below will help you to enjoy moving day when it finally arrives.

  1. Insurance Coverage

Ensure a mover has adequate insurance coverage before you sign a contract with them. The two types of coverage available include full value protection and limited liability protection. Full value is typically what you want, though some states only require a mover to offer limited liability coverage.

  1. Prices Can Vary

Prices can vary from company to company, even within the same area. An excellent way to find the right movers for your budget is by getting an estimate first. Sometimes you may end up with one firm and then get a better contract with a different company.

  1. Get Organized

Having an organized plan for packing and moving can help to make the process go more smoothly. You’ll want to determine ahead of time what items you’re going to need help with, such as furniture or appliances. Determine if any special requirements will be necessary, such as ramps for wheelchairs, and make a list of any fragile items.

  1. Check Their License

Don’t forget to check with your state government or public utility agencies to verify whether the moving company is properly licensed. You can often do this online, though it’s also possible to request verification by phone as well. A reputable firm will have no problem providing you with this information.

  1. Get a Full List of Fees in Advance

As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to get an estimate before signing with any mover. Along with the price, you should be provided with a full list of fees and associated costs. This can help you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road that could cost you more money than you planned to spend.

  1. Beware of Hidden Fees

Some moving companies may require payment in the form of a check made out to an individual. It’s a good idea to ask for identification and some official paperwork with their name on it before you give them access to your home or belongings. You don’t want to find out later that your check went to a family member or friend because the company you hired was not an actual business.

  1. Get It in Writing

Everything discussed with a moving company should be put in writing. This is especially important when an estimate has been provided and things need to be changed later. However, the best way to proceed is to have both parties sign an agreement that clearly states all of their expectations.

A final word to the wise:┬áIf you do end up having some problems with your move, try your best not to argue with the mover. Once you’ve signed a contract, it’s legally binding and can’t be altered. If there is a problem with the final bill, contact your mover and see if they will agree to a settlement.