How Can You Naturally Treat Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a miserable syndrome that causes an intensely painful sensation in the leg. Nearly one-third of the female population suffers from this health issue. In some people, pain is experienced throughout the body.

The prescription medicines advised for this health condition often comes with plenty of side effects. This has caused more and more people who suffer from restless leg syndrome to look for natural treatments. In this article, we will tell you an effective natural treatment that would give you relief from the condition.

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About Restless Leg Syndrome

The main cause for restless legs is due to low secretion of brain chemicals named “dopamine” in the body. These low hormone levels lead to less amount of iron in the brain. Thus, low dopamine contributes to iron deficiency in the brain that in turn leads to restless legs symptoms.

A person in this condition experiences throbbing pain in his legs that may even spread throughout the body. This severe pain that results due to restless leg syndrome adversely impacts the sleep quality and work productivity of a person.

Natural Ways To Treat Restless Leg Syndrome

The major reason for restless leg syndrome is low levels of iron in the brain. Due to which iron supplements are the primary treatment method to deal with this condition.

However, in some people, it has been noticed that taking specific forms of iron causes constipation and nausea. Tea, coffee, and calcium supplements are not advised along with iron supplements as they may adversely impact the absorption of iron in the body.


Magnesium is a mineral that is effective in dealing with restless leg syndrome. This mineral can relax and soothe muscle and nerve endings in the legs.

One can reap the benefits of magnesium by applying magnesium oils or lotions on their legs to get the desired relief. However, some people have reported that this treatment may sometimes cause loose motions and digestive discomfort.

Cannabidiol (CBD) for Restless Legs

CBD has strong nerve-calming and muscle relaxant effects that help reduce the discomfort. Just like magnesium, and iron, one can take CBD either orally or apply it topically to their legs to see its benefits. Placing a CBD tincture below the tongue before going to bed.

The best part of using CBD for the treatment is that it doesn’t cause constipation, loose motions or any other side effect as caused by other natural treatments. Furthermore, it doesn’t lead to mind-altering effects and is completely accessible and legal in all fifty states.

To get the best results from CBD without any side effects, you need to dose it properly. People who experience high symptoms may require a high dose to get desired pain relief. However, you should check with the doctor to determine the ideal dose for your specific health condition.


Prescription-based medicines may get temporary relief to a person but can lead to various side effects. Besides magnesium and iron, CBD is considered to be a potent treatment to give lasting relief with no discomforting symptoms.