My Zero Turn Mower Has Cut My Lawn Care Routine in Half

While I know I will never be one of those people who covets the lushest lawn in the neighborhood or spends their free time actually enjoying yard work, I will say that I’ve found a surprising new lust for lawn care ever since I invested in a zero turn lawn mower. I know, I know, that sounds crazy, but bear with me here!

Maybe it’s the fact that I get to climb aboard this loud, impressive machine and relive my Mario Kart memories. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve become one of the cooler moms in the neighborhood since doing so. Both of those contributing factors aside, it’s definitely due to the fact that it now takes me a fraction of the time to mow the grass.

When we bought this house, the large, sprawling yard was the nail-in-the-coffin, determinant selling point for me. I simply had to have it. I could too easily imagine the children I didn’t yet have and the dogs I already did running and playing, safely getting lost in the adventurous terrain of their own massive backyard.

Then came summer, with bugs and weeds and itchy, sharp blades of St. Augustine grass that seemed to spurt up past our knees overnight and the yard started to take on a new light. I took one look at this overgrown beast of a lawn, and one look at our sad, ancient push mower, before simply putting her out of her misery on the curb next to the cans with a sign reading “FREE. Work?”

While I definitely felt guilty replacing her, I knew it was best for all of us. I’m honestly not much for gadgets but, I’ve got to say, this zero turn lawn mower has made me one happy lady. I never would have thought I’d have any sort of positive feeling about a piece of machinery but, I’m surprised to say, this one’s proven me wrong. It’s an entirely different animal than any mower I’ve ever met. I was initially a little intimidated, but that didn’t last long! I can finally reach every awkward corner of the yard because of the insane maneuverability of the mower. All of the beautiful trees that had so quickly become obstacles in the name of lawn care were given back their original luster in my eyes. It’s so easy to nip into not just hard but previously impossible to reach places. It’s honestly like having a Dyson for your lawn! The same weeds that used to haunt my nightmares are left by the wayside and my yard has never looked healthier or better cared for. Because it’s so much faster, I use a lot less gas which translates to money saved. Plus the squishy seat is nice and comfy, dare I say it’s even fun!

But the absolute, hands down, best advantage to this mower has little to do with the machinery or maneuverability of the mower itself and everything to do with the time it frees up for family. It saves me so much time! Gone are the days when the kids have gone inside to wash up for dinner and I’m still stuck outside, mowing grass in the dark like a dork. You know something seems fun when the five-year-old asks to have a turn!

Bottom line: this mower has saved me countless hours and endless hassle when it comes to tackling a task that previously filled me with dread, I somehow now even look to lawn care as a simple, almost meditative task and can’t recommend it enough as a time- and sanity-saving investment.